Trending Tamil web series 2023

Trending Tamil web series 2023

Every year hundreds of movies and web series are released in Kollywood. Some are exceptionally good, while others don’t have that key factor in them. So, it is possible to watch all the movies and web series and judge them accordingly.

That’s why Aha OTT has brought you the latest trends in Tamil movies and web series under your fingertips; So, so you can relax after a hard working day and watch the latest movies and web series in Kollywood.

Aha has a wide range of movies and web series on its platform. Whether you want thriller, suspense, comedy, drama, action or romantic movies, Aha has every type of movie. Here are three of the trending web series on Aha.

1.      Kuthukku Pathu

Kuthukku Pathu is a comedy drama. The web series’ first season will be released in 2022 and is available on Aha. Season one has seven episodes and a total of 2 hours and 54 minutes of watch time. The web series has a 7.4 rating on IMDb.

The cast of Kuthukku Pathu

Vijay Varadharaj has directed the web series. The web series is from D Company studios. The film’s casts are Vijay Varadharaj, Abdool Lee, Sha Ra, Samyuktha Shanmuganathan, Bose Venkat and Aadukalam Naren.

The story of Kuthukku Pathu

This is a dark humour story which takes place in the city of Chennai. The story is about a day of absurd chaos caused by an innocent love story. The love story extends to a hand fight and ends in a murder. The story is full of dark humour and absurd events.

The web series has received much praise for its thought-provoking storyline and absurdity.

2.      Irai

The Irai is a mysterious and suspenseful story. The web series is for those audiences who love crime thrillers. The Irai web series has a 6.9 rating on IMDb. The first season of the web series has 6 episodes and a total of 4 hours and 23 minutes of watch time.

The Cast of Irai

Rajesh M Selva is the director of the web series. The web series casts are Sarath Kumar, shi Krishna Dayal, Avishek Shankar, Nizalghal Ravi, Gouri Nair and Shrisha. The web series is from Randan Mediawork India Limited.

The story of Irai

The web series story is about the mysterious abduction of men from affluent families. In the autumn of 1985, ACP Robert Vasudevan, aka Sarathkumaar, is investigating the case. After the investigation, Robert finds an uncommon link to the case. In conclusion, a woman is standing between Robert and justice.

3.      Ramany vs Ramany 3

Ramany vs Ramany 3 is a family drama full of humour and emotion. The web series is good for light-hearted comedy lovers. There are 12 episodes in the first season and 6 hours and 6 minutes of watch time. The Ramany v Ramany 3 has a 7.9 rating on IMDb. The web series was released in 2022.

The cast of Ramany vs Ramany 3

Naga directs the web series. The web series is from Kavithaalayaa Production Pvt. Limited. The cast of the Ramany vs Ramany 3 is Ramji, Vaasuki, Ponni, Param, Poovilangu Mohan and Vaithi.

The story of Ramany vs Ramany 3

Ramany vs Ramany 3 is a story of a fun family. The family has many issues like ego, generation gap, teenage problems, parenting problems, and privacy issues. But at the same time, the love for each other’s unites the family. The craziness is in the DNA of the family members, which is the web series’ driving force.

The web series is available on Aha for free. Each episode of the web series begins with a new story. And the story ends in the same episode. There is a feel-good factor in the web series which attracts the audiences.

Watch new Tamil web series on aha

So, you must watch these three trending web series in Kollywood. Subscribe to Aha Tamil for the latest Tamil web series like these. There are hundreds of movies and web series available on this platform.

So if you are a Tamil web series fan, check Aha OTT and browse the web series you like.

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